RECAP VIDEO: 2018’s City Summit – “Wealth Mastery & Mindset” hosted by American Idol’s RANDY JACKSON

I believe that we grow so that we can give – Tony Robbins

We strongly believe that mastering the mindset of wealth is key for entrepreneurs who want to make the maximum impact possible in communities around the world. And #CitySummit works to provide the insights, tools, and strategies to empower them.

Check out the recap below of the CITY SUMMIT – “Wealth Mastery & Mindset” in LA, presented by founder Ryan Long, hosted by American Idol’s Randy Jackson, moderated by Greg Reid, and emcee’d by Lynn Rose!

We also announced our City Gala 2019 non-profit co-beneficiaries led by visionary community leaders: United Intentions Foundation, Selah Freedom, Journey’s Dream, Tucker Teens & Tots, Rock Against Trafficking, and start-ups Giving Hart and From Orphan To CEO.

And HUGE thank you to MICHELLE OBAMA and LAURA BUSH for the auctioned experience at the White House!!! And to MARIO LOPEZ for the auctioned VIP experience at EXTRA!!!

To find out more about City Gala and our beneficiaries, please visit www.CityGala.org. Now check out the sneak peak recap video, and come on inside!!

What’s City Summit all about? With over 60 events held year-round and throughout the country, CITY SUMMIT is a world-class, socially conscious business acceleration experience sharing tools and techniques from extraordinary professionals that help entrepreneurs grow and thrive… so that they are better positioned to give.

To find a SUMMIT or an intimate MASTERMIND session for networking near you, please visit www.CitySummit.co/schedule.

Our CITY SUMMIT – “Wealth Mastery & Mindset” edition in LA featured special guest presentations, tools, techniques, and strategies from elite business professionals such as:

> BYRON SCOTT (Former Los Angeles Laker, Former NBA Head Coach);
> ALEX MOJTAHEDI (Manager Director, Plug & Play Investments);
> JOHN SHIN (Executive Producer, Think & Grow Rich Film);
> ALEC STERN (Co-Founder, Constant Contact);
> DAVEN MICHAELS (Founder 123 Employee);
> BRIAN SMITH (Founder, UGG);
> TONY HORTON (Creator, P90 X);
> JAMES DENTLEY (Founder, NBC University);
> BRETT FOGLE (Founder, Click & Grow Business), and;

Summit Honoree DR. SABRINA KAY (Serial Entrepreneur, Founder Fremont College & Premier Business Bank). Additional Honoree Speakers included:

> FRANK SHANKWITZ – Founder, Make A Wish
> GEORGE CHANOS – Former Attorney General, Nevada & Serial Entrepreneur

And so many more world-class speakers that BROUGHT DOWN THE HOUSE!!

Aaron Young, Chairman Laughlin & Associates
Brandon Leopoldus, Co-Founder, Fuel
Craig & Jenny D, Co-Founders Craig & Jenny D
Daniel Puder, Founder, My Life My Power
Dave Austin, Founder, Extreme Focus
Dave VanHoose, Founder, Speaking Empire
David Corbin, Mentor of Mentors
Dr. Freddy Behin, Serial Entrepreneur, Life Coach
Dr. John Dewitt, Author, “Goals, Imperfect Action Can Change Your Life”
Dr. Greg Reid, Best Selling Author, Founder Secret Knock
Jim Conaway, Wealth Strategist
John Jubilee, America’s Leading Wellness Expert
KC Choudari, Founder, Pitch Globally
Kofi Nartey, High Performance Realtor, Compass.com
Lynda Diaz, Media Personality, Costa Rica
Noah St. John, Founder Success Clinic
Sterling Hawkins, Innovation Expert

The City Summit was Sponsored by:
One One 77 Creative
Brigade LA
Infusion Soft
Click & Grow Business
123 Employee
Michele Malo Business Coaching
The Celebrity Installer
Dale Godboldo Enterprises

In association with:
Allure Events & Catering
Secret Knock
Carlsen Financial
Go Charity
Charity Stars
CEO Space
Speakers Coalition

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