Looking For Funding To Grow Your Business?

We’re proud to announce that we have teamed with National Business Capital & Services to support outstanding ideas and organizations working to move humanity forward. 

International Arts & Philanthropy Foundation (IAPF) works with its clients and partners to support a wide range of socially conscious efforts. Our work has supported youth education, gender equality, poverty reduction, the ending of human trafficking, feeding the homeless, and providing economic empowerment through job placement and entrepreneurship training.

IAPF is working alongside National Business Capital to do two things: 

> Give back through business fundraising, and;

> Help those who give back through fundraising for their own needs.

National Business Capital has 75 institutional lenders who work with businesses when they need capital to grow. And in turn, NBC is giving back to IAPF’s charitable causes. 

Find out how NBC can help you grow your business. CLICK TO GROW

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