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Launching ‘Unexpected Voices’ to support Veterans (w/ Casey Affleck, Orlando Bloom, Eric Dane, and Darrell Hammond)

… Let us be the voice for the voiceless, and spread hope for those who often feel invisible in the eyes of society.

Orlando Bloom, Actor & Ambassador for Unexpected Voices

Our deepest gratitude to Orlando Bloom, Casey Affleck, Eric Dane, and Darrell Hammond for helping us launch the ‘Unexpected Voices’ advocacy campaign to give a voice to the voiceless – veterans struggling with mental health and those who have lost the battle to suicide. 

We are so proud to be a donor and supporter of this campaign, helping launch it through our Arts, Hearts & Philanthropy initiative in partnership with Be Great! and the Academy of United States Veterans, at the 6th Annual Veterans Awards (VETTYS) in Washington DC July 3, 2021.

Please take a moment and scroll below to go inside the VETTYS, and please share this message from Orlando to help us spread the word about Unexpected Voices for suicide prevention.

Click Image To Watch Video & Learn More

The Unexpected Voices campaign spotlights issues surrounding mental health in military communities, and at The 6th Annual VETTYS we honored extraordinary organizations working hard to support veterans. 

Bryan Gallinger (Be Great!) also presented the VETTY in the category of Employment to Heroes Linked. The organization is doing amazing work for veterans transitioning to the civilian workplace. Check them out and please support them where you can.

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