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Media Impact Community Reunites to Discuss their Role in Promoting Action on Climate Change and Sustainable Development Goals

The PVBLIC Foundation hosted the 2021 SDG Media Summit on November 5th. In total, more than 10,000 viewers tuned in to the Summit broadcast to watch discussions by expert speakers and panelists which included Melissa Fleming, Under-Secretary-General for Global Communications at United Nations, Annemarie Hou, Executive Director at the UN Office for Partnerships, Enrique Acevedo, Correspondent for CBS News, as well as leaders from EarthX, Microsoft, Majic Wheels Corp, Esri, Univision, Broadcom, Vogue, and We Don’t Have Time. Some key discussion points included:

  1. Bridging the Digital Divide is Essential to Achieving the 2030 Agenda: In order to achieve the 2030 agenda we need to ensure that everyone has access to digital media and information. “The goals are all about leaving no one behind, this extends to ensuring that everyone regardless of location, gender, age group, or other demographic classification have access to the internet.” said Melissa Fleming, Under-Secretary-General for Global Communications at United Nations. 
  2. Media Needs to Amplify the Sustainable Transformation of the Fashion Sector: Sustainable fashion is helping the advancement of the 2030 agenda but we need media to amplify those transforming the fashion sector for people and planet, in particular women social entrepreneurs who are leading innovations and solutions that are addressing the critical issues of our time. “The news system itself sometimes inherently prevents the coverage of meaningful stories.” said Sheena Butler-Young, Senior Business Correspondent at Business of Fashion.
  3. Data and Technology Can Accelerate Action on the SDGs: Projects like the SDG Data Alliance help reduce inequalities and speed up the achievement of the SDGs. PVBLIC Foundation partnered with the Kellogg Foundation, Esri  and the UN to form the SDG Data alliance and create data ‘hubs’ which make SDG data technology accessible to developing countries. 
  4. The Science Behind Climate Change Needs to be Accessible : The conversation on climate change needs to be amplified so that everyone has access to the science and dangers behind climate change. The only way to make the necessary advancements by 2030 is if everyone takes climate action seriously. “We can not have different opinions when it comes to survival. We are talking about humanity, talking about an entire species, and the decisions we make today will affect our species in the days to come” said Heeta Lakhani, Global-South Focal Point for YOUNGO.

The SDG Media Summit was convened by the PVBLIC Foundation, along with the United Nations Office for Partnerships and the United Nations Development Program.

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