Supporting Youth Through Education, Mentorship and Arts Training

Inspired by his time on The All New Mickey Mouse Club, actor/entrepreneur Dale Godboldo (The People v OJ Simpson: American Crime Story) founded Always In The Club with support from other former Mouseketeers to help meet the United Nation’s Global Goal of Universal Quality Education through youth mentoring and the arts (#Goal4).

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As a former Mouseketeer, I experienced first-hand the power of mentorship and arts training, and sustained institutional support. I believe that support was invaluable to our self esteem and sense of purpose, laying a foundation that lead to all of our future successes. — Dale Godboldo (Founder)

The most informative experience I’ve ever had as an entertainer. — Justin Timberlake (Former Mouseketeer)

What an incredible honor it has been representing one of Walt’s passion projects. The show helped in raising us to be socially conscious and gave us the ultimate gift of the exposure to each other’s beliefs, skills, and backgrounds to learn, grow and build upon. — Chasen Hampton (Former Mouseketeer)

The Mickey Mouse Club cultivated a culture of diversity and inclusion long before it was brought to the forefront of corporate social responsibility. We are grateful to their organization for pioneering the message to our youth for so long, and also for supporting onePULSE in our effort to fight hate and promote acceptance. — Barbara Poma (Executive Director, onePULSE Foundation)

Dale Godboldo with 3 of 15 underprivileged kids flown to Disney World by Always In The Club. The kids shown here completed our Project:NOW Service Learning program and M12 Tech Summit, and were rewarded with a once in a lifetime experience with the Mouseketeers for reaching their educational goals.

Always In The Club launched the Project:NOW Education and Service Learning Initiative to support underserved youth in America.

Some of Always In The Club’s (AITCF) Galas and Events.

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