Supporting Youth Through Mentorship, Education, and Arts

Inspired by his time on The All New Mickey Mouse Club, actor/entrepreneur Dale Godboldo founded Always In The Club with support from other former Mouseketeers to help meet the United Nation’s Global Goal of Quality Education through youth mentoring and the arts (#Goal4).

“As a former Mouseketeer, I experienced first-hand the power of mentorship and arts training, and sustained institutional support. I believe that support was invaluable to our self esteem and sense of purpose, laying a foundation that lead to all of our future successes.” – Dale Godboldo (Founder)

“The most informative experience I’ve ever had as an entertainer.” – Justin Timberlake (Former Mouseketeer)

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Founder Dale Godboldo with kids who completed the Project:NOW Service Learning program, and were flown to Disney World as a reward