The Global Unity program’s mission is to unite the world through humanitarian efforts by working with governments, influential individuals, and both for-profit and non-profit organizations to eradicate poverty, advance health and wellness, create economic sustainability, and promote universal quality education.

We are principally focused on providing unique and critically needed services to start-up organizations founded by visionary community leaders working to solve the Global Grand Challenges we face. 


  • Training entrepreneurs to be socially conscious in their for-profit businesses
  • Training startup charities in management, marketing, compliance, and fundraising
  • Sponsoring online and live event platforms for education and networking 
  • Providing seed/expansion capital to outstanding non-profits as donations from Global Unity’s own fundraising campaigns and events.

Training Sessions:

Global Unity’s training sessions via Video Conference have served 30 startup organizations over the past 12 months alone. Training sessions feature leaders in business and experts in marketing, non-profit compliance, grant-writing, and fundraising who share tools and techniques for success. Training Sessions have featured: Jennifer KramerJames DentleyKaterina CoziasNoah St. JohnDavid FaganRoberto CandelariaDavid SchlossTracy HazzardJim ConawayDaniel PuderDupe Aleru, and Sherita Herring, among many others.

Live Events & Fundraising Campaigns:

Global Unity has sponsored hundreds of socially conscious business acceleration experiences and fundraising events/campaigns in support of our work.

Event speakers have included: Matthew McConaughey, Halle Berry, Ashton Kutcher, Quincy Jones, John Travolta, Alec Stern (Founder, Constant Contact), Frank Shankwitz (Founder, Make A Wish), and Jeff Hoffman (Global Entrepreneur co-founding and, among others.

Non-profit organizations we’ve supported include: THORNFeed A BillionJust Keep Livin FoundationQuincy Jones FoundationBreed Life, Child Liberation Foundation, My Life My Power, Firelife FoundationUnited Intentions Foundation, and The Jenesse Project, among others.

Program Director: Michelle Marie Matich

Program Manager: Jennifer Kramer

To find out how we can help you grow your non-profit or socially conscious for-profit company, please email program director Michelle Marie Matich at